Burn Crew Concept

Burn Crew Concept

Fire Arts Association

Born in 2004, creator of the first forum dedicated to burners to bring together fire enthousiasts from France.



Fire props shop

French made fire fans, headdresses, torches and accessories.

15% discount code : CHUPAHOOPS

Pewpew Créations

Practice fans shop

French made plastic fans (hdpe). 3 shapes available on her shop.

10% discount code : CHUPAHOOPS


Silk fans shop

French made silk fans and veils for dancers. They are hand painted, unique and can be customized.

Nellie Mayani

Fan covers

French made fans covers, poï and other accessories. Made to order and can be customized as well.

Dompteuse de feu

Dompteuse de Feu


Russian grip fans manipulator from France. Her instagram is filled with inspirational videos and beautiful costumes.

Lila Chupa-Hoops

Lila Chupa-Hoops


It's me ! Feel free to check out my artist website, showing my work with hula-hoops and other juggling props !

Quarante Quatre


Fire breather


Clips, shootings, events

Gwendoline Chopineau


Specialist in fire photography. Studio, outdoor or event shootings with fire and pyrotechnic effects

To come

to come

To come