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Practice fans

Fans presentation

How to choose your fans ? Shapes, weights, materials... a lot of aspects have to be taken into account. Some of these are very important to practice at ease and others are purely a matter of personal taste and aesthetism. Here I can only give my point of view on props I could have in my hands, the point is more to understand all the little details you should pay attention to before you buy new fans. I leave you with these videos of my fan collection and hopefully I'll be able to present soon a full inventory of what's available on the market !

More questions ? Go to our FAQ ;-)

Want one of these? Some fans makers/smiths are listed in the page PARTNERS ;-)

éventails de feu

Fire fans

There are dozens and dozens of fire fans available on the market. How can I pick the one that will suit me ? In this video I give valuable information about handles, spokes, wicks etc. to help you choose your pair of fans.

Light show

Practice Fans

Not only ! Of course they are very useful to train technics without taking risks of dropping/dammaging your led or fire fans but I consider them like a true manipulation object in its own form. They come in a lot of beautiful, illusion shapes and have various weights, colors and prices.

Z pixel LED fans

Led fans

New technologies in the juggling world are something to follow with great attention. I show you 3 types of led fans from as low as 10€ to 500€... like my nw led fans that have hundreds of patterns.

Silk fans

Silk Fans

These fans are on another category because you can't "spin" them. They have the structure of a classic wooden fan with a veil attached to it. They are used since the long time by bellydancers and you can see them more and more in flow arts and new tutorials are starting to flood the social media.

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