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Welcome to this new concept dedicated to choreographies ! 

I get asked very often tutorials for transition and how to link moves together, whereas it is for training fans, fire fans or silk fans. I finally took the challenge to do it in french AND english which was an enormous job. It became evident that choreographies were actually the best way to make profit for keeping the website alive. 

In order for you to navigate on the website without any advertising and all the functionalities here, my association  Rendez-v'HOOP France paid an annual premium subscription and this is why I give you the opportunity to contribute to my work by doing a donation. This donation will give you access to those "CHOREOGRAPHY KITS".

Click on the donation button and it will redirect you to a secured payment platform called and I will send you the tutorial videos by a transfer app within 48 hours.

Each kit contains :

- A video of the full choreography with the music

- MP3 file of the music

- PDF file with the lyrics and breaking down the counts

- Explanation videos in 3 or 4 sections

(Please mention the name of the kit you want when you make the donation )

Choregraphies for level 2 will be available in 2021 !




Music : I'm your Man - Leonard Cohen

Tempo : Slow

Level : Static grip / Spinning 1

Lenght of the choreo : 3 minutes

Turorials : 27 minutes



Music : I wanna be like you - Dimie Cat

Tempo : Fast

Level : Static grip / Spinning 1

Lenght of the choreo : 2 minutes 30

Tutorials : 35 minutes

"Dancing Silks"


Music : Federkleid - FAUN

Tempo : Fast

Level : All levels

Lenght of choreo : 4 minutes 

Tutorials : 25 minutes

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