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Fire fans


Hello !

I am Lila, crazy about spinning fans !

I discovered this hobby in 2014 but it wasn't all new to me. I evolve in the juggling, circus and stage world since 10 years. My career, under the artist name Lila Chupa-Hoops, is mainly orientated on hula-hoops or hoopdance for practionners. I teach this activity on an international scale and I showcase my skills on stage in various cabarets and events.


My relationship with fans, it's another love story. At first I thought it was only an accessory for fire dancing so I was not really interested in it... not technical enough. My vision on fans shifted when I encoutered russian artists that make the fans spin like poïs or even toss them in the air. I realised this object had much more potential than I tought. I thank Rem and Marianna Ten who were the first people from Russia that taught me the basic technics.


At this moment, fan spinning is still a secondary activity compared to hula-hoops but I noticed a high demand on this prop, wether it be informations requests or tutorials and even classses. In January 2017, I filmed all the tutorial videos and uploaded every week on the facebook page Enventail de feu - Lila. All this content in french for my beautiful community because there wasn't any in our language. Now I am very happy to be able to share this content to my fellow international fan spinners. Videos are up on youtube and in the process of being translated one by one... 

I am very proud to see more and more fans of all sorts in the juggling sphere here in France. I was lucky to give workshops in different regions of the country, in Switzerland, England, Germany etc. to give private classes online to as far as Florida and even coaching fire performance troups with specific workshops on group choreography.

So what I have to say : use this website, abuse it !


crédit photos : Elfée Photobook

Fire Fans Lila Chupa-Hoops
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